Cakes are Fun Wilton Classes

Registering for Class

Four Week Courses

Course fee is $45 plus supplies.  Check the calendar or ask a  customer service associate for monthly discount special.

Pre-registration (online or in the store) is required for all classes. 

Please sign-up at least 48 hours in advance.  Classes are subject to cancellation 24 hours prior to start date if the minimum number of students have not pre-registered (see below). 

When registering for classes, you will be given a Supply Sheet - this tells you what supplies you need for the class, and what to bring to the first lesson.  

These courses are intense and are NOT recommended for children.

E-mail ME for a Bounce In Coupon for Decorating Basics to save $5 off the current Tuition.

PLEASE read the course descriptions carefully before registering, refunds are not given for class registration fees.


Project Classes

Class fee varies and does not include supplies. 

Monthly discount specials and coupons do NOT apply to tuition for Project Classes. 

Supply list is provided upon registration.

Classes may REQUIRE minors to attend WITH an adult!  Adults MUST remain in store for entirety of classes where minors are allowed to attend on their own. 

PLEASE read the course descriptions carefully before registering, refunds are not given for class registration fees.

What is the "Student Minimum Policy"?

To help offset costs of paying instructors Michael's and Wilton have agreed to institute a FOUR student minimum for all four week courses.

What it means for the student is simply that we (the instructors) need you to register as soon as possible for the next month's courses and project classes.

Any course or class not having the minimum number of students 24 hours before the start time will be canceled.  You will have the option to transfer to the next time the course is offered.

My child wants to take the class...

The age recommendations for courses can be found on the course description page of this site.  They are set based on Wilton standards, store policy and the instructors comfort level.

Minors taking Course 1 MUST have a parent PRESENT.  The minimum recommended age for the four week courses is 15. 

Many instructors offer project classes for children of varying ages.  If you would like to schedule one of these project classes for your group of 4 or more please contact ME.

How much will this class cost?

That is a difficult question to answer.  It depends on what if any products you already own, if you buy things on sale or use store coupons.

Tuition is $45.  Monthly specials are offered and vary month to month.

Student Kits - Every time I start a Course I get the question "Do I have to buy the Student kit?"

The short answer is yes.  The student kit for each course contains most of the items you will need for that course.  Purchasing the kit at the regular store price saves you 10%, plus your student discount saves you 10% more OR you can use a store coupon (when available) for up to 50% off.  Keep in mind however that the student discount and coupon can not be used together.

Remember to sign up for Michael's sale ads.  Michael's policy is one coupon per customer per day. 

Many stores also honor competitor's coupons, but check the store to verify, most only take actual coupons and not home printed ones.

(Prices and policies are subject to change)

Bad Weather Policy

In the event of bad weather please CALL the store to verify that classes are being held.


General Class Questions

Can I bring my child, friend, visiting relatives?

No.  Due to space restrictions and insurance liability only registered students are allowed in class.

Do I have to use only Wilton products?

Although Wilton products are highly recommended for their quality and reliability you can use other products during class.  I won't be checking your spatulas for the Wilton logo.

I cant take these classes, what will I do with all that cake?

In Course 1 you bring cookies, two cakes, and cupcakes.  I can understand how you could be concerned about cake overload.  But let me assure you that won't happen.  

In Course 2 you bake just ONE cake.  Course 3 has just two cakes.  Course 4 has NO CAKE at all.  You can always come without a cake and learn the techniques.

Not to mention you can ALWAYS leave your cake at the store, the Associates LOVE cake! 

Here are some other suggestions for donating your cakes:

  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Co-Workers
  • Your Child's Teacher
  • Your Pastor, Hospitality Coordinator, Youth Ministry
  • Local Fire Station, Police Station, Emergency Room
  • The Teacher's Lounge at local schools

Always call ahead and see if these places will accept a cake; most do HAPPILY!


I don't have time to make a cake and icing this week, should I skip class?

Please don't skip class because you don't have a cake or icing prepared.  In a pinch you can use the Wilton Ready Made icing although it does not hold its consistency like the class buttercream, it will get you through the techniques.  Your local store bakery will happily sell you an iced cake without decorations. Of course you can always use an inverted cake pan to "decorate" in class.

I have to miss a class, can I make it up?

Maybe.  You can attend the next session of that lesson IF there is room in the classroom.  But there is no guarantee that there will be table space for you to participate in the class.

What about holidays?

I TRY to plan around holidays when ever possible.  However, If I didn't have class on holiday weekends we would never get in a full course.  Please check the schedule prior to registering for a course to be sure you don't have a conflict.

Product Questions

Do I have to use Meringue Powder in my icing?

Meringue Powder stabilizes your icing and allows buttercream to crust, this is VITAL for what we do in class.  Meringue powder is certified Kosher.  If you have dietary restrictions that limit or do not allow you to use eggs then you can omit the Meringue Powder but be prepared for some tweaking to get the correct consistency. 

If you have an egg allergy or are vegetarian / vegan you may choose to purchase an egg free royal icing mix.

You can find one such mix through a company called Liberty.  It contains soy and icing sugar.  This product is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Egg Free.

All you do is mix the bag of royal icing mix with about ¼ cup of water, mix it in the mixer just like you would regular royal icing and it turns out EXACTLY like the regular royal icing.

Liberty Group Sugar Decorations Inc
3640 Weston Road
Unit 5
Weston, ON M9L1W2

Phone: (416) 746-6895       Fax: (416) 746-7737

Shortening is so unhealthy is there an alternative?

Spectrum is completely organic and has no trans fats.  You can find out more here:

I want to use natural colors.  Does Wilton have them or is there a substitute?

I recommend Chefmaster natural food colors.  You can find them on the Shop Baker's Nook web site.

Gum Paste and Gum-Tex, What are they?

Gumpaste is an edible "clay" used to make flowers and decorations that dry hard like porcelain.  It can be added to fondant for stability.  Wilton Gum Paste comes in ready to use and powdered form. 

Gum-Tex is an ingredient in gumpaste.  It is sold in 6-oz flip top cans.

How do I store the class buttercream?  How long will it last?

Class buttercream should be stored in a container with a lid to prevent crusting.  You can safely store it without refrigeration (do you refrigerate your shortening?) for up to two weeks.  after two weeks the consistency tends to break down.

How do I store the ready to use fondant?  How long will it last?

Ready to use Fondant should be wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in a zipper bag or other air tight container.  I store mine using a food-saver.  There is an expiration date on every package of Ready to Use Fondant.  

How do I store the gum paste?  How long will it last?

Gum paste should be stored like Ready to Use Fondant with these extra steps: roll un-used portion into a log shape and coat lightly with shortening to prevent drying, then wrap as directed for Ready to Use Fondant.

Pearl Dust, Shimmer Dust, Petal Dust, Luster Dust, what is all this dust?

The Wilton web site has the best information for this question.  Essentially they are all fun ways to add shimmer or sparkle to your creations.  

From the Wilton Forum (Squirrelly Cakes)

Luster Dust
Give a metallic sheen. Available in a huge range of colors. Not water soluble.
If they contain Iron Blue or Chromium Oxide, they must be labeled for Decorative use only. In some countries they are considered edible, others not. Mix with clear alcohol or oil based flavorings or use dry.

Shimmer Dust
Just like lustre dusts, but larger grain size. Same rule, mix with clear alcohol or oil based flavorings or use dry. Used more in the dry form for sprinkling on cakes. Can be crushed into a smaller grain size.

Pearl Dust 
Pearl finish with a hint of color. These are water soluble and can be mixed with water, alcohol, or oil based flavorings or used dry. Can be used in addition to other finishes.

Petal Dust
Various colors to give the most realistic finish to your flowers, these have a matte finish. Can be used in combination with other finishes. For instance, brushed or painted on and then lustre or pearl dusts applied. Petal dusts are water soluble and can be mixed with water; alcohol or oil based flavorings or used dry.

Check in your locality to see if these items are considered safe for consumption or for decorative purposes only. The rules vary from country to country.

The Wilton Ready to Use Fondant tastes funny, can I use something else?

For class purposes it is better if everyone uses the Ready to Use Fondant.  This insures that we have consistent results.  Outside of class you can explore many of the published fondant recipes to find what you like best.

Starting a Business

I plan on SELLING CAKES from my home...

A word of caution, many states require special licensing for home bakeries.  Make sure you check your local city, county and state requirements for home based bakeries.  Be sure to check local zoning codes and contact the Department of Agriculture.


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